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        JOEY FREEZE 

         Game Audio Specialist

Let's not pretend that I have a webmaster writing for me, or that I should be referring to myself in the 3rd person like some kinda psycho. It's just me! 


I come from a musical family, but what really inspired me to sit down at a keyboard and start writing at age 10 was video game music. One of the first things I ever tried playing was the Mortal Kombat theme, as soon as I found the right synthesizer sound.


 What really made me develop a dream to do audio for games was hearing Nobuo Uematsu's soundtrack for Final Fantasy VII. I'll never forget the feeling it gave me while exploring the vast world of that game, and it's been my mission to give others that same feeling ever since.

While spending years writing and recording in my home studio, I also got the privilege to play onstage with legendary musicians like Rick Derringer (Hulk Hogan theme), Gary Wright ("Dream Weaver"), Badfinger ("Baby Blue" from Breaking Bad), and others.

While I was out on the road with those musicians, I became a big fan of watching videos of The Angry Video Game Nerd, and I was pretty stoked when he emailed me to tell me he was going to use my piano version of his theme song in some episodes (Desert Bus, Battletoads). I was also brought on to do some music for the AVGN "Game Over" game by Lord Gavin. 

I later took my passion to Berklee, where I completed a Game Audio Specialist certificate program, learning the ins and outs of creating the best sounding game environments and making them come to life in the Unity engine, often using middleware like Wwise and FMOD. 

One thing that gives me great joy is finding the original synthesizer sounds that were used to make classic games like Super Mario 64, Perfect Dark, the early Final Fantasy games, Donkey Kong Country, etc, and using them to create new music as if I were brought on to compose for those games. It's a very fulfilling challenge, and will probably come in handy when making mods or hacks. 

Nowadays, I'm just trying to find as many inspiring projects as possible so that I can give people the tingly feeling that I get from this stuff. Have a look around and see if I can do that for ya!

- Joey Freeze